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Hi -I'm still working on this site, it's a slow process! You can contact me here, or sign up for my newsletter on the link provided.

I'm a voracious reader - devouring all genres and non-genres, and I write what I want to read. Guess that makes me a cross-genre writer? My home in St. John's Newfoundland is the perfect setting for Paranormal Suspense, Mysteries and Romance, so it's a good fit for me.

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THE CARMEL McALISTAIR MYSTERY SERIES (set in St. Jude Without, Newfoundland)

The Cut ThroatThe Cut ThroatTHE CUT THROAT (BOOK #1 in the Carmel McAlistair Mystery Series)

Every town has its secrets...

Carmel McAlistair thinks she’s found the perfect retreat in St. Jude Without, Newfoundland. Until the murders begin, that is... Could the killer be the sexy fisherman she’s fallen for, or any of the strange characters who hang out in the old church which is now the local pub? The witch next door with her fairies doesn’t help matters at all. This tiny hidden village holds its secrets close, and Carmel as an outsider is the only person who can help Scottish DI Darrow find the murderer. Can he save her from being the next victim? And will he help salvage her heart?

This humorous mystery with a touch of supernatural is the first in the Carmel McAlistair series set in Newfoundland, that wild and wonderful island at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean.

The GarroteThe Garrote

THE GARROTE (BOOK #2 in the Carmel McAlistair Mystery Series

It's Christmas in Newfoundland, and there's murder and mummers under the mistletoe. When a pastor and a priest both die in the same grisly manner, Carmel and Inspector Darrow of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary join forces to discover who has the grudge against the religious leaders in St. Jude Without. She’s praying that it’s not her new tenant....


 THE IRON DOG (Book#3 in The Carmel McAlistair Mystery Series)


An ancient treasure map leads to murder on the coast of Newfoundland, and Carmel is found with blood on her hands. Someone killed for this pirate gold - and her neighbors in St. Jude Without believe the treasure should be theirs. Historic jealousies stretch through the generations on this isolated coast in this humorous mystery.





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