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Now available for pre-order May 8, 2020!

AN ERRANT WITCH (Witch Kin Chronicles #3)

 On a lonely Scottish island stands a stone tower which harbors a terrible secret deep within...

Dara Martin has been given a second chance to redeem herself in the eyes of the ruling Witch Kin. They’ll teach her how to wield her powerful natural magic and eventually, maybe, to work with Hugh, as long as she gives up her errant ways.

But first the tower’s mystery inevitably draws her in, and while she has sworn not to lie to the Kin, she must hold on to her own secrets or lose her only chance of freeing her mother.

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AN IGNORANT WITCH (Witch Kin Chronicles #1)


There are no quick fixes to errors in magic...

 An illegitimate half-blood witch, her birth father pays her to stay under the magic radar, to hide her abilities because the aristocratic Witch Kin have a monopoly on all things magic.

Yet Hugh’s arrival changes everything. He shows her a thing or two about using magic, but she’s an impatient student and finds out the hard way that sometimes a little knowledge is more dangerous than none at all.

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AN ARROGANT WITCH (Witch Kin Chronicles #2)


Dara Martin is an untrained witch with strong natural power and she knows she deserves formal education from the Academy. It will take years of grueling study and hard slog.

On the other hand, a sorcerer may hold the secret to her lost mother, and he promises the fast-track to power beyond measure.

What he proposes is illegal, and if she’s caught, her magic will be painfully bound forever.

Sometimes it’s not a question of right or wrong, but what you think you can get away with.

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E M Graham (Liz) lives and writes in St. John's, Canada. She's always been a voracious reader of any good books, no matter the genre, and this is probably why she's a multi-genre writer. She is never happier than when she's spinning tales of fantasy, mystery and romantic suspense.

The Witch Kin Chronicles are available in ebook format through Amazon. Paperbacks can be found through any world wide distributor. For personally signed paperback copies from the author, the cost is $15 per book Canadian + shipping (You pay only what I pay! No handling charges) To inquire further, please go through the contact form attached. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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